Welcome to Aluna Social Manual!

This manual is an open source gitbook which anyone can contribute by submiting changes on our our git repository

What is Aluna Social?

Aluna Social allows users to share information about their trades and insights on the cryptocurrency markets.

Users can connect their exchanges accounts using API KEYS provided by the exchanges in order to share their trades and also manage multiple exchange accounts from an unified user interface.

In order to register on Aluna Social users only need to provie email and password therefore not necessarily uncovering their real names or accounts.

Every user on Aluna have a public profile where non sensitive information is made public. Users can see your portfolio distribution but can't see how much of each crypto you own.

Also positions open on margin or future markets will be shared, other users will be able to see your open price, base price and PnL% but not what your position size is.

You're the only one who will be able to see your sensitive information, such as balance, orders and PnL on your positions.

Users who chose to connect API KEYS with trading permissions will also be able to place and cancel orders and also close their positions on the market.

Soon Aluna will also be launching a LEADERBOARD and awarding users with ALN tokens based on their monthly and also on their yearly performance.

In short, Aluna Social is Social Network with a and Trading Terminal which allows you to manage multiple exchange accounts from one place, while also sharing information and browsing information provided by other users.

Aluna also provides a gamefied environment where users will be rewarded by their performance on our leaderboard and soon also in other interesting prediction games running on the Etherum Blockchain.

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