What is aluna_social_bot?

@aluna_social_bot is a bot for Telegram which can interactively manage your account on Aluna Social!

By chatting with the bot you'll be able to manage all your cryptocurrency exchange accounts and trades on the go using Telegram's mobile app!

The bot can also send push notifications when important things happen, for instance, an order was filled or a position was closed!

Connect the bot

The instructions to connect the bot are pretty simple and they're available at Account > Telegram Page.

Once your account is linked a number of commands can be issued to the bot in a private chat in order to overview and manage your account.

You can also add the bot to Group Chats and use some of its functions in a group environment

Adding the bot to Groups

You can also add the bot to Telegram groups, this will allow everyone in the group to ask for quotes using the /quote command, in the future more commands will be available for group chats.

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